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Office: ICT 748
Office hours: by appointment

My cv is available online (PDF).

Rob's research interests focus on agent based systems, concept mapping, and formal methods.  He is currently developing an flexible and easy-to-use infrastructure for agent development, called CASA, as a research tool.  This will lead to the ability to test the effectiveness of various conversational strategies, for example, is the "traditional" conversation protocol approach better or worse than the social commitment approach to complex agent-based conversations?  This work dovetails with previous work on concept mapping systems, in that the agent infrastructure supports a multi-user interface and data store for the concept mapping system.  Conversely, the concept mapping system will form a sophisticated view (and controller) of the agent environment.  A formal model of the agent infrastructure is also under development.

"The bringing together of theory and practice leads to the most favourable results. Not only does practice benefit, but sciences themselves develop under the influence of practice, which reveals new subjects for investigation and new aspects of familiar subjects."

P.L. Chebyshev

Knowledge Science Institute
Knowledge Science Group

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

The University of Calgary



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